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Wealth Managers

Help increase advisor productivity
Over 1/3 of HNWIs & more than 80% of affluents aren’t happy with their advisors
They want immediate answers that they can understand
But with limited time, advisors need tools to increase productivity and client care

Introducing our wealth platform

We help your advisors get answers quickly

What does this include?

1. Insights: to save your advisors times when prepping for clients and helps increase productivity over a larger client base.

2. 'What if' module: helps your advisors attract new AUM by tweaking or comparing portfolios to showcase what could have happened.

3. Our full analytics tool: an uncomplicated professional grade analytics platform with a manager view to see all your clients’ portfolios. Integrate listed, unlisted and digital assets to analyze your clients performance, ESG and risk.

    Why illio?

    Our Insights are built by award-winning fund managers bringing institutional credibility to each output.

    Our tool sits on top of your existing software so there are no complicated integrations.

    Your clients can have their own portal to help them learn more about what they own and create better engagement.


      Just like our solution, our pricing is simple too:


      per month (excluding local taxes)

      2 advisors

      50 client portfolios
      *each portfolio can aggregate multiple accounts of each client


      $150 per month for extra advisors
      *no additional clients

      $5 per month for extra client portfolios
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