The illio platform has significantly strengthened their capacity to execute all compliance and reporting decisions confidently and immediately and we are proud to be a provider for WB Financial and we look forward to building on our relationship and to all potential developments in the future.

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A system with cable connected

Provide risk and total portfolio transparency with all your data stored securely 

Get an all-in-one holistic view of multiple accounts

Hosted on the cloud and available with mobile accessibility

Interactive self-service reporting

Fully web-based global reporting tool. Turn analytics and data to actionable insights.

Create PDF Reports

Standard reports created in 2-step process

Capture data elements for report production

Customise reporting with white-label branding 

Risk Analytics and Exposures

Meet fiduciary or reporting obligations with illio.

Risk and return information is available at the instrument level, sub-asset class, asset class and portfolio level.

Perform Sensitivity Analysis on portfolios to produce stress test results on portfolios as part of risk reporting

Exposure can be reported based on market value, notional or delta adjusted. No need to recalculate positions or manual adjustments.

Period selection allows Administrators to cater to different reporting periods, all of which can be generated instantly

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What we have achieved is to build a platform that visualises enormous amounts of data in an intuitive manner. With that information, a user can gain insights that will lead to more informed decisions for an investment portfolio.
Vanessa Gibson    CEO