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What is my loss?

Move the Benchmark, Volatility, Yield and FX sliders individually or in your desired combination to understand cumulative effects.

With in-built Black-Scholes and bond price formulas, assess option and fixed income positions with precision

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a screen showing illio's product

Being aware that investment is multi-dimensional, view Sensitivity Analysis by Sector, Asset Class, Country or Currency.

Analyse potential scenarios in different ways so as to gain an in-depth view of impact to portfolio P&L.

Currency as an asset class is often under-estimated in terms of portfolio impact. In a multi-lateral world, investment portfolios are highly exposed to currency movement.

With illio you can view impact on portfolio P&L split by currency exposures.

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What we have achieved is to build a platform that visualises enormous amounts of data in an intuitive manner. With that information, a user can gain insights that will lead to more informed decisions for an investment portfolio.
Vanessa Gibson    CEO