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We bring all you own into one place, analyse it and explain it back in jargon free language.


Upload multiple portfolios and illio will consolidate all positions across asset classes, geographies, currencies, sectors and for custodians/brokers.

  • Easy Plug-N-Play implementation
  • Secure Cloud-Hosted Data
  • Single view of investment portfolio

Asset class coverage includes:

  • Cash

  • Equities, ETFs and Options

  • Fixed Income

  • Funds

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Real Estate and Real Assets

  • Private investments such as Hedge Funds, Venture Capital and Private Equity

Risk Analytics

Evaluate portfolio performance using a risk/return chart, histogram of returns, and benchmark sensitivity via instrument and portfolio level beta.

  • Understand risk and return profile at a portfolio and asset class level, compared to a benchmark
  • Visually capture risk statistics in an interactive manner
  • Evaluate returns across your total portfolio
  • Simulate and analyse a portfolio and the impact of changes in selected market variables