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Empowering investors with wealth intelligence

illio is a comprehensive investment intelligence platform and a fully interactive digital front-end built with powerful data visualisation technology.


Upload multiple portfolios and illio will consolidate all positions across asset classes, geographies, currencies, sectors and for custodians/brokers.

  • Easy Plug-N-Play implementation
  • Secure Cloud-Hosted Data
  • Single view of investment portfolio

Asset class coverage includes:

  • Cash

  • Equities, ETFs and Options

  • Fixed Income

  • Funds

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Real Estate and Real Assets

  • Private investments such as Hedge Funds, Venture Capital and Private Equity

illio portfolio aggregation dashboard
screen dasboard of illio's software product

Risk Analytics

Evaluate portfolio performance using a risk/return chart, histogram of returns, and benchmark sensitivity via instrument and portfolio level beta.

  • Understand risk and return profile at a portfolio and asset class level, compared to a benchmark
  • Visually capture risk statistics in an interactive manner
  • Evaluate returns across your total portfolio

Mobile Accessibility

Access wealth data and investment portfolios on-the-go. Cloud-hosted with secure reporting and analytics.

  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Available now on iOS/Android
illio mobile accessibility phone and ipad screens

More Features

One-click Reporting

Generate reports instantly, that summarise performance, P&L, attribution, risk, position data and transaction history


Simulate and analyse a portfolio and the impact of changes in market variables such as benchmark movement, volatility, yield and/or FX

Profit and Loss

Calculate P&L for a portfolio at the consolidated level or by asset class or by individual instrument

Turnkey solution created with deep industry expertise

Instant visibility in one consolidated portfolio view that can seamlessly integrate with different sources of investment data. Get equipped with the tools needed to manage a diverse range of portfolios or investment instruments.

Use cases
Automatically upload investment data
No need to manually upload investment position data and transaction files. Information can be updated automatically through API connections with brokers/custodians or via CSV/Excel files
Reduce market data costs
illio provides multiple sources of market data to support all the asset classes on our platform.
Generate detailed reports
Generate granular position level data quickly.
Data visualisation
A front-end platform for portfolio data visualisation and client management.

Request a demo

Use the form or send us an email at to request a live demo of our platform or if you wish to know more about illio.
What we have achieved is to build a platform that visualises enormous amounts of data in an intuitive manner. With that information, a user can gain insights that will lead to more informed decisions for an investment portfolio.
Vanessa Gibson    CEO