October 17, 2022

Client Case Study: WB Financial

The Problem: 

A Cayman based fund administrator and corporate service provider who provide economic substance to over 40+ funds across multiple jurisdictions and asset classes approached illio to help them find a solution that could cater to the idiosyncratic details and regulatory reporting requirements of each fund, while also minimising manual input and effort. Due to the client’s nature of business and location they have significant jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

Identifying an appropriate and centralised system that can help streamline their management and reporting process has been a longstanding priority for the client. Their existing legacy systems fail to provide them with the necessary user-friendly and comprehensive tools that enable them to provide good oversight on the risk and management of the funds which had varying strategies including both listed and unlisted investments, as well as multiple asset classes.

illio identified 3 key areas of need for them

  • Multi-asset classes — The system must cater to all types of assets and investment types, both listed and unlisted, liquid and illiquid, OTC and Real Estate and Alternatives.

  • Comprehensive risk analytics & exposures — To calculate their market and FX exposures, and to visualise and manage their risks transparently including understanding, delta values , Sharpe ratios and market stress scenarios.

  • Easy-to-use reporting — Ability to create transparent fund investment risk reports efficiently to help them stay on top of their legal and regulatory requirements.

The Solution: 

The client had to choose and implement a system that would work hand-in-hand and compliment their current systems but most importantly was agile enough and capable of streamlining their reporting process. When they came across the illio platform, with its plug and play capability along with its broad range of portfolio management features and reporting analytics they were keen to pursue a 3 month trial to test if illio could assist them in completing all the reporting needs.

The illio team immediately began helping on-board a selection of their diverse, multi-asset, multi-jurisdictional portfolios for their analysis, including those funds with a broad range of Both listed and unlisted investments. The ease of uploading and the ability to provide good analytics and risk reports for these funds impressed the client.

The Result: 

WB Financial was extremely impressed by the flexibility of the illio platform and how it successfully accommodated all of their reporting needs.

The illio team assisted the client in making the integration process as seamless as possible.

The illio platform has significantly strengthened their capacity to execute all compliance and reporting decisions confidently and immediately and we are proud to be a provider for WB Financial and we look forward to building on our relationship and to all potential developments in the future.

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