Built by investors, for investors

Built by investors, for investors

Our Story

After 35 years running her own award-winning hedge fund and a family office, our founder, Vanessa Gibson, realized that the wealth industry was lagging the rest of the world when it came to simplifying complex information in a digestible format.

Whether the individual held their wealth with a wealth firm or an online platform, typically they would receive static reports using jargon they didn’t understand. What’s more, information about their wealth would be backward looking. However, as an experienced fund manager, Vanessa knew that this only gave half the picture, and it was also important to understand how that portfolio would likely behave in the future

Furthermore, given the rise of Alternatives in people’s allocations, she felt there needed to be a system capable of normalising analytics between listed and unlisted assets and then deliver the answers to the most important questions quickly. So, in 2019, with the help of Sarang Karkhanis (ex-Wharton fund manager) and Kenneth Sue (ex-Coutts MD), illio was founded..

The result is a modular wealth platform designed to support online platforms, wealth firms, family offices, asset or fund managers with time saving analytics, user friendly visualization and call to action driven Insights.

Today, the illio team comprises of finance experts & engineers working together on creating an intuitive and powerful platform that leverages Vanessa’s proven investment process with a UX that benefits both the business managers and the end users.

Our mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to wealth management. We want to share our collective know-how, and years of investment experience, to help different stakeholders across the category.

Our Values

The customer is our focus

illio was born to give investors premier analytics help them manage wealth to the best of their ability. With that in mind, our customers’ satisfaction is core to what makes us tick.

Feedback is the only way to grow

We believe in being open to getting feedback, ideas and suggestions from anyone. We encourage all employees to take part in the full illio journey and share their perspectives.