Built by investors, for investors

Assets analyzed on the platform: $3bn+ 

Our Story

After 35 years running her own award-winning hedge fund and a family office, our founder, Vanessa Gibson, realised the younger generation were investing in assets which went far beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

Vanessa believed that fractionalization would open up many more possibilities to invest, be it crypto, NFTs, property, cars, collectibles or other private assets. However, as an investment manager, she knew this would also bring up challenges when it came to portfolio tracking, portfolio analytics and understanding what those analytics meant.

So, in 2019, with the help of Sarang Karkhanis (ex-Wharton fund manager), Larry Lorden (ex-Carphone Warehouse CTO) and Kenneth Sue (ex-Coutts MD), illio was founded.

The result is a platform which aggregates listed and unlisted assets from multiple accounts which can be tracked in one convenient place. Furthermore, by leveraging Vanessa’s proven investment process, we built an Insights engine which pulls out the key facts in bitesize chunks so that any investor, regardless of financial experience, can make more informed decisions.

Today, the illio team comprises of finance experts & engineers working together on creating an intuitive and powerful platform that gives you so much more than a wealth tracker.  

Our mission is to help the modern investor think like a wealth manager without the hefty price tag, and we are excited to have you with us on this journey.   

Our Values

Everything we do at illio is driven by our two core values:  

The customer is our focus 

illio was born to give investors premier analytics at a fair price and help them manage their wealth to the best of their ability. With that in mind, our customers’ satisfaction is core to what makes us tick.  

Feedback is the only way to grow  

We believe in being open to getting feedback, ideas and suggestions from anyone. We encourage all employees to take part in the full illio journey and share their perspectives.  

We get excited by our clients’ ideas, so please reach out with any suggestions – we'd love to hear from you