October 3, 2022

Client Case Study: Fort Street Asset Management

The Problem 

A US based boutique asset manager with discretionary global equity funds alongside additional separately managed client accounts wanted to upgrade their current system to centralise their PMS, analysis, and reporting. They approached illio looking to find an integrated solution that combined these three elements, is cost effective, with good quality data and effective risk modeling. The solution needed to be SAS based, easy to implement, and provided scale as the business grew, without disrupting business activities.

"We began the journey that many in our space face, what is the next level of technology we need, how do we get it and where do we start? After an exhaustive search to find a provider that was flexible and multi-functional, while being on budget, we realized that such a provider proved difficult to find. illio solved that problem for us.”

illio identified 4 key needs for the client.

  • The ability to aggregate, track and analyse both their fund and each of their managed portfolios in one place without significant manual input or data entry

  • To understand their exposures and performance both at a client level and at a total business level

  • To provide their clients with a digital front-end that was easy to use and enabled each client to access their managed accounts at any time

  • To generate and supply customised, internal and external performance reports on-demand
"Ultimately, we wanted a partner that could grow with us as we grew.”


The client originally considered building a system but this was quickly tabled after reviewing cost, implementation and maintenance obligations as they felt this would be too expensive, too disruptive and time consuming for the business. So they conducted a comprehensive search to find a provider that was flexible and multi-functional yet reasonably priced. After approaching illio, they were impressed with the ease of use, the plug and play capability and the fact that illio’s newly designed features and functionality successfully fulfilled their needs. 

They immediately signed up for a 3-month trial and illio began building out their portfolios. Within this period illio successfully completed a full API integration with their main custodian/broker, allowing rapid uploading and updating of their portfolio data. Most importantly, there was consistent dialogue between illio and the client to create unique, strategic solutions as well as receive feedback that further improves illio’s platform for future growth.

“illio’s team was incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and worked with us to ensure we had a smooth transition onto their platform. Aside from the ease in onboarding, we truly felt we were partners in that illio would implement our feedback into the system to help their entire client base, a true example of how they “build for” their clients, not “build at.”

The Result

After the full handover and integration was completed, the client experienced the benefits of illio firsthand, freeing up more time to focus on clients instead of spreadsheets and manual data entry. The increased efficiencies and reduction of manual input has allowed the client to spend their time on performing all important revenue driving investment related tasks and analysis. Illio is pleased to be a provider for the client and we look forward to building an even better relationship.

Check out Fort Street’s website here.

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