February 5, 2024

Case Study: Helping increase client engagement at Peak Capital

The client:

Peak Capital is Hong Kong based investment services company, providing clients with fund-raising solutions, investor support, and fund infrastructure allowing them to set up and run their business seamlessly. 

The challenge:

As a company running smaller and emerging portfolios, Peak felt cut off from the innovation and efficiency that are accessible to higher budgets only. In addition, as a firm working within Asia, access to open API’s is significantly underdeveloped which makes post trade accounting more burdensome than for their peers in London or Miami.

Peak needed a tool in which they could effectively analyse portfolio performance over an extended time-period, as well as provide periodic reports to build investor transparency and improve trust.

illio cient view

The Solution:

illio’s solution for Peak was to implement our B2B cloud-based wealth analytics platform. We uploaded 3+ years of historical investment data into the platform provided by their current broker. illio’s simple yet comprehensive upload tool, insured no stone was unturned and minimised manipulation and adjustment of transaction data.


The Results & Benefits:

The solution addressed the key challenges outlined by Peak including client communications, portfolio management and post trade workflows. Peak is now able to slice and dice portfolio and data as needed to analyze portfolio performance and risk at an individual position, asset class and portfolio level. They are able to create reports for any time period and provide investors with a front-end portal.

illio’s platform has allowed the team at Peak to focus their time and attention on more important, strategic tasks that move the client engagement forward.

illio report example

“illio put us in control of our post trade data and shone a light on our portfolio in a way we know will positively benefit returns and investor communications.” 

Final Word

“When you can only really query a transaction by digging out an old pdf and spend half a day matching it to Excels that are unsearchable, you need illio.” Sophie Norris at Peak Capital

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