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We help individual investors
think like wealth managers

Our engine expands upon an award-winning investment process,  giving institutional credibility to every output we produce

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Why do we use a waitlist?

We will be slowly opening new subscription slots to allow us to continuously improve on two key metrics, directly related to individual subscribers (vs our existing Institution based clients):

1. Our support : As we grow, we want to ensure we are providing top support to all of our users. By slowly increasing the subscription openings, we are able to judge the level of support needed & ensure we are growing the support team as fast as needed for incoming tickets and queries.

2. Our connections : Curating a list of user tested and approved connections is part of our mission. We want to ensure that we are providing you with as many tested connections as possible while maintaining full transparency.

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Streamlined analytics

Your wealth may be at a level where your portfolio deserves more attention.  

Are you taking too much risk for too little reward?
Do you understand how your money moves and why? And how do you make sense of all the data?

illio streamlines the analytics to give you answers to questions you never thought to ask.

    How illio works

    Connect to the largest brokers, trading platforms, private banks and digital wallets to track your listed, unlisted and digital assets
    Step 1 : Aggregate
    Bring in all your accounts and track all of your assets through one platform
    Step 2 : Analyze
    Analyze your total wealth with professional grade analytics
    Step 3 : Get informed
    There's no need to decipher complicated reports, if you just want answers, our Insights simply condense what you need to know and tells you what matters most about your portfolio.

    What we have

    ...and how this helps you
    Get key facts on your portfolio without doing the analysis
    Scenario analysis
    Study how your portfolio behaves when markets move
    Evaluate how aligned your portfolio is to E, S and G factors
    Assess whether the risk you take generates sufficient return
    See how long and how deep any portfolio losses have been
    Compare actual portfolio performance against benchmarks
    Check how concentrated or diverse your portfolio is
    Profit & loss
    Identify where your portfolio makes or loses you money
    Project future income from your investments